5 Tips For Getting A Jump On Spring Cleaning Your Marlboro Home

Marie Klatsky
Marie Klatsky
Published on May 15, 2018

Before you wake up to find that Spring has sprung here in Marlboro, you would be wise to plan ahead for Spring cleaning. If you are like most people, you want to start off the Spring with a fresh and sparking house, but struggle to clean during the murkiness of Winter. Not this year! Follow these 5 steps to get a jump-start on your Spring Cleaning goals before the snow melts.

1. Donate Your Unused Winter Clothes

As the winters come and go, it can be easy to accumulate extra clothes and clutter. Winter clothes and formal duds tend to pile up, but often feel hardest to let go of. If you are like me, you probably find yourself purchasing new holiday wear, coats, scarves, snow pants, and other bulky clothes every year. Before you know it, your closets are overstuffed with winter wear. As you prepare to freshen things up and make room for the new season, sort through old Winter clothes you no longer need, or want to donate. There’s no point in letting those outgrown and outdated frocks collect dust year after year, when there are others in our community that will cherish them.

2. Stock-Up On Storage

Storage is a key element to getting organized for spring. Stock-up on clearance storage bins that go on sale after the holidays to use while prepping for your spring cleaning. Durable storage bins are great for organizing your attic, garage, and basement. By strategically labeling and placing your storage bins, you will remove clutter that has built up around the house, making cleaning even easier. As you sort through and organize, create a separate section of unused or unwanted items and label those bins for “donating” or “selling”. That way, you will be ready to go for your next yard sale.

3. Sort Through Drawers

Junk drawers; everyone has at least one. It doesn’t have to be Spring for you to sort through yours and toss the trash. While you are at it, why not go through all of your drawers to get more organized? You could spend a single afternoon going from drawer to drawer. Or, assign yourself a drawer to sort every day until the entire house is done. Don’t forget to utilize those storage bins you set up, including the “donate” and “sell” ones.

4. Move it, Move it

One of the best ways to get your house squeaky clean and give it a fresh look is to move things around. Take the time to rearrange your furniture and bust those dust bunnies in the meantime. Don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved in moving things around and voting on the best look for each room. Be creative, think outside the box, and make it fun. Feeling stuck? A professional home stager or your favorite Marlboro real estate agent can also help you select the best arrangement for every room in your house.

5. Put Your Washer & Dryer To Work

Linens are often one of the most overlooked (and dirtiest) items in your house. Drapes, rugs, sheets, and blankets are easy to neglect in your regular cleaning routine. Before you start the bulk of your spring cleaning, give your house that “fresh linen smell” by actually refreshing your linens. Just be careful to pay attention to labels before you toss them all in the wash. There are certain items that will require special care or even dry-cleaning. Many laundromats and dry cleaners around Marlboro would be happy to tackle all of your linens for a reasonable fee to make your life even easier.

Thinking Of Selling Your Marlboro House This Spring?

This Spring is an excellent time to list and sell your Marlboro house. Not only is the market very strong right now, but new resources, tools, and technologies have made the process easier than ever. I know how prepping and executing a move can be complex. Especially, when you are trying to balance work and family life too! However, selling your house and finding the next place you and your family will call home should be a fun and exciting experience. From referrals to the most reliable local pros like movers and mortgage brokers, to help with planning and packing, I would love to help you sell your Marlboro house this Spring. For more information about selling your Marlboro house subscribe to my blog or find out how much your house is worth.


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