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Marie Klatsky
Marie Klatsky
Published on July 6, 2018

Homes for Sale in Holmdel NJ

Looking for a great community in Central New Jersey to buy a home? Check out homes for sale in Holmdel NJ!  

Ranked as the #1 “Six-Figure Town” by Money magazine and CNN, the Township of Holmdel in Monmouth County, NJ boasts a rich history, picturesque beauty, palatial homes, award-winning schools, the PNC Bank Arts Center, and high caliber employment opportunities within an easy commute. Holmdel is located about 15 miles west of the Jersey Shore and roughly 35 miles south of New York City. As of 2017, Holmdel is home to approximately 16,605 people and is bordered by the Monmouth County communities of Aberdeen Township, Colts Neck Township, Hazlet Township, Marlboro Township, and Middletown Township. Unincorporated communities located partially or completely within Holmdel include Beers, Centerville, Crawford Corners, Everett, Morrells Corner and Pleasant Valley Crossroads.

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Interested homebuyers who are interested in relocating to the area will find a wide array of homes for sale in Holmdel NJ to select from. Buyers will want to work with a qualified agent who can uncover the best homes in the right neighborhoods and secure an offer. Award-winning Holmdel REALTOR® – Marie Klatsky has the expertise you need and the knowledge you want when buying a home. You can get the process started today by requesting property listings that match your home criteria to be sent directly to your email or give Marie a call at 732-609-1623Click Here to learn more about Holmdel NJ Real Estate & lifestyle or browse the MLS for available homes for sale in Holmdel NJ below:

Homes for Sale in Holmdel NJ 

Explore all available properties in Holmdel Township – listings updated daily!

If you would like to schedule a private showing or would like more information about any of the above homes for sale in Holmdel NJ, please call Holmdel REALTOR® – Marie Klatsky today! 732-609-1623

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More About Holmdel NJ Real Estate & Lifestyle

The median home value in Holmdel Township is $761,102. 81.9% of homes are single-family and 8.4% are townhomes/condos. 11.5% of homes for sale in Holmdel NJ are priced from $1,090,625 and up; 18.8% of homes are priced from $817,825 to $1,090,624; 36.4% of homes are priced from $545,213 to $817,824; and 25.1% of homes are priced from $327,194 to $545,212. Holmdel home values have gone up 3.4% over the past year and are predicted to rise 2.7% within the next year (Zillow). The median price of Holmdel NJ real estate currently listed is $799,995. Holmdel REALTOR® Marie Klatsky is very familiar with the local market and knows where the best neighborhoods and properties can be found. Marie would love to speak with you to find out what you’re looking for in your next home. Call today!

732-609-1623 Schools & Education – The highly-regarded Holmdel Township Public Schools serve students in pre-K through 12 grade. Schools in the district include Village Elementary School (grades preK-3), Indian Hill School (grades 4-6), William R. Satz School (grades 7-8), and top-ranking Holmdel High School (grades 9-12). Private schools serving the township include Roman Catholic Diocese of St. John Vianney High School (grades 9-12) and St. Benedict School, a kindergarten through 8th-grade Catholic school that feeds into St. John Vianney. Holmdel is also home of The New School of Monmouth County, an alternative school.

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Parks & Outdoor Options – Within the 18 square miles of Holmdel Township, there are 10 beautiful parks. Of these parks, 8 are township parks and 2 are Monmouth County parks. The 565-acre Holmdel Park is home to Historic Longstreet Farm and Holmdel Arboretum and includes playgrounds, nature trails, fishing, picnic areas, ice skating, sledding and more. The 30-acre Cross Farm Park includes soccer and football fields, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, and trails. Bayonet Farm offers hiking, walking trails, bird watching, and cross-country skiing  – set among quaint country barns. For youth sports, the Holmdel Football Association offers children of Holmdel a safe, structured, and positive environment to participate in football and cheerleading. The Holmdel Youth Activities Association offers  Holmdel children the opportunity to participate in baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and wrestling. Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment – Located in Holmdel is the PNC Bank Arts Center – a world-class concert and entertainment center offering concerts from May through September every year. Main commerce activity in the township is located on Route 35, which includes several strip malls, supermarkets, and restaurants. Commercial and retail developments include the Commons at Holmdel (Barnes & Nobles, Best Buy, Best Market, Ulta, and other retailers) and Holmdel Towne Center (Buy Rite Liquor, Chili’s, Cold Stone Creamery, DSW, Hobby Lobby, LA Fitness, PetSmart, and other retailers). Residents enjoy several popular restaurants in town including Cracked Olive, It’s Greek to Me, Palumbo’s Restaurant & Pizza, Patricia’s of Holmdel, Turning Point, and Villa Pizza & Restaurant, just to name a few. Major Routes, Commute, and Air Travel –  Major county routes that cross through Holmdel Township include a short stretch of CR 516 in the north and CR 520 in the south. Route 34 passes through the western portion while Route 35 passes through in the northern section. The Garden State Parkway passes through close to the center with part of Exit 114 (the other half in Middletown Township) and Exit 116 (for the PNC Bank Arts Center) in Holmdel. Public transportation for the area is provided by NJ Transit and Academy Bus. The closest major airport is Newark Liberty International Airport, about a 33-mile drive from town.  

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Award-winning Holmdel REALTOR® Marie Klatsky & Coldwell Banker have been helping clients buy and sell homes in Holmdel for over 30 years and are dedicated to your satisfaction. Offering a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise, Marie will protect your interests, advocate for you, and work hard to get you the best price and terms possible. When you hire Marie as your trusted guide and advisor during the home buying process, her services are FREE – real estate commissions are paid by the seller.

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